Experience a Better Fitting Denture

What if you could take a traditional denture and help it fit even better? With advanced implant options, you can. Implant-secured dentures typically use mini-implants to help secure your denture so that it stays put when you need it the most.

Why Consider Implant-Support for Your Denture?

There are times when a conventional denture just isn’t enough. With mini implants used to retain your denture, you can experience:

A more secure fit during the day

No lifting or rocking of your denture during meals

A proper fit, even if you’ve experienced bone loss

No sore spots or rubbing

Shorter Treatment

Since implant-secured dentures typically use mini dental implants, the entire procedure can be completed in just one or two visits. The anchoring mini implants are put in place in just one appointment with minimal recovery time needed. A customized denture is made to clip right over these implants. The end result is a newer denture that looks just like a traditional denture, but won’t slip out of place.

An Alternative Dental Implant Therapy for Denture-Wearers

Implant-supported dentures differ from other types of permanent implant dentures. They have the feel and appearance of conventional dentures, but with the added security of dental implants.

Which type of denture or implant is right for you?

A quick, easy consultation with your local implant dentist is all you need to find out. Bring your questions and concerns for a no-nonsense assessment and treatment recommendation.

Get your self-confidence back. Enjoy smiling around your friends again. Experience implant-supported dentures!

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