Will Other Treatments Be Needed?

Will Other Treatments be Needed?

Some of us experience different anatomical needs or conditions that may make it difficult to have implants placed without preparation in the area.
For instance, if you have battled gum disease in the past, there might not be enough natural bone to support an implant.In some situations, additional steps may be needed so that your implant therapy is a success.

Bone Grafting

Bone loss is common with age. It’s also a side effect of periodontal disease or wearing a poorly fitted denture.
In some cases your dentist may need to add bone to the jaw before it is strong enough to support an implant.
This process is called a bone graft and is very successful in implant therapy and smile rehabilitation.
Your dentist can let you know if a graft is necessary and which options you have to choose form.

Sinus Lift / Augmentation

Our upper teeth are positioned in a manner that places them within a close proximity of our nasal sinus cavity.
If the sinus lining is too low, or bone height is inadequate, it may be necessary to perform a sinus “lift” prior to placing the implant root.
This ensures that the implant does not come into contact or puncture the sinus after it is placed.

How will you know if you need preparatory steps like a bone graft or sinus lift?

During your consultation with an implant dentist an x-ray will be taken of the area that is being discussed.Your implant dentist will let you know if additional steps are necessary or what can be done to avoid them.

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