Affording Your Dental Implants

Don’t be turned away by the cost of dental implant treatments. There are several things you can do to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and make the process more affordable. When compared to other types of treatments, dental implants are more cost effective. How? Because with a high success rate and the ability to last for decades, they rarely have to be replaced. Conventional dental treatments wear out and have to be repaired every several years.

Get an Accurate Insurance Estimate

Not all insurance plans cover dental implants, but many do. Even if the implant itself isn’t covered, there’s a good chance that the restoration that goes over your implant will be. That includes crowns, bridges and dentures.

During your initial assessment and exam, your implant dentist will outline a customized treatment plan. If you have provided your insurance information to the treatment coordinator, they will be able to provide you with a benefits breakdown and estimated fee outline. No confusion. No excuses. You’ll know what the total cost of care will be, the estimated amount covered by your insurance company, and your estimated out of pocket expenses before you ever even start treatment.

Financing Options

It’s not uncommon to finance a portion (or even all) of your implant treatment. In addition to accepting major credit cards, most dental implant providers will offer some form of flexible financing options for their treatments. This may include an in-office payment plan or a 3rd party-financing offer. Taking advantage of services such as this allow you to catch up on all of your oral health care needs at one time, instead of putting them off until they get worse.

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