Mini Dental Implants

Mini Implants: The Same Day Dental Implant Solution

Mini dental implants are a same-day dental implant solution for people who only need to replace one or two teeth. Smaller and slimmer than traditional dental implants, mini implants can be placed in one appointment and have a permanent restoration bonded over them on the very same day.

One Day Dental Implant Treatments

Since mini implants do not require traditional surgical methods for their placement, they provide you with benefits like:

Minimal (or no) discomfort

Same day treatment

Denture stabilization options

Single tooth replacement

Flexible Options for Your Smile

When it comes to your smile, you depend on it looking its best. Missing teeth jeopardize that, and finding a tooth replacement that fits your needs and your lifestyle can be difficult to do. Mini implants change all of that. In just one appointment, a mini dental implant can be placed permanently into your mouth to help anchor a full mouth prosthesis such as a denture, or to replace a single, minimal-load bearing tooth.

Why Mini Implants?

Some people need options. Mini implants give them to you. With a mini dental implant, you can benefit from a securely fitted denture that will stay in place all day long. They also allow you to dispose of removable flippers that hide smaller, missing teeth. Now you can have the confidence to smile and talk all day long without having to worry about a loose denture, flipper, or hiding your smile.

Are mini implants right for you?

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