Sedation Options Let You Dream Your Way Through Appointments

When you’re considering any type of dental treatment, including dental implants, comfort is one of your biggest concerns. Regardless of how simple the procedure is you want to feel relaxed and free of any anxiety on the big day. Not only does this help you as the patient, it also helps your implant dentist perform the procedure more quickly and effortlessly! Thanks to a wide variety of sedation options, you can safely enjoy ultimate comfort throughout your entire dental care process.

Types of Sedation Available

There are typically 3 different forms of sedation to choose from:

Stronger Smiles. Every Time.

Believe it or not, dental implants are even stronger than your real teeth. Made of hospital-grade titanium, they are able to withstand just about anything. Not only does this make it easier for you to chew and smile again, it also strengthens the bone in your jaws. New bone formation secures the implant while also helping to support neighboring teeth.

IV Sedation-

Often referred to as “twilight dentistry,” IV sedation makes most patients feel as if they slept right through their entire visit – it is the deepest level of sedation available in dentistry. The medications are delivered intravenously for precise timing and enhanced relaxation.

Oral Sedation-

With oral sedation, prescription strength sedatives are given approximately one hour prior to your scheduled treatment. This allows the sedative to take effect. Most people report feeling as if they are taking a light nap where they can answer simple questions but are generally unaware about what is going on around them. These sedatives are also amnesiacs, which typically leave you free of remembering anything about your treatment.

Ultimate Comfort for Your Peace of Mind

Nitrous Oxide Sedation-

“Laughing gas” can be used alone, with local anesthesia, or alongside other sedation methods. Its quick onset and reversal make it easy to add onto just about any dental procedure!

Don’t let anxiety or fear of the dentist hold you back from having a smile that you love. Sedation dentistry is an excellent choice for just about every patient. With it, you can:

Overcome anxiety related to dental care

Experience a quicker procedure

Minimize discomfort

Combine multiple treatments into one visit

Expert Sedation Dentists

Your health and safety always comes first! Only board-certified sedation dentists are able to provide these options in their facility. Throughout the entire procedure, you will be monitored and your sedation levels carefully observed to accommodate the highest quality of patient care.

Stop hiding behind your missing teeth. Sedation dentistry is the most comfortable way to enjoy a permanent, new smile from ear to ear.

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